NAGUAL DANCE offers you an entirely new interactive music experience.

You are the music!


Nagual Dance reverses the natural process of dancing. Instead of just reacting to the music, the users receive a direct musical feedback of every move, revealing an exciting cycle: you dance and create music, which makes you dance.
Nagual Dance turns your body into an orchestra; a dancing session into orchestral manoeuvres of infinite possibilities.

  • Experience your body as a musical instrument
  • A single user can be a conductor, producer, DJ and orchestra all at once
  • Create your own, individual track
  • Explore different Interactive Songs of different styles
  • Share the musical elements with friends and dance with them in the two-player mode

The Interactive Song

The Interactive Song is an interactive composition of a song, which does not consist of pre-recorded musical sequences, but of musical possibilities. It is solely the dancer's movements which create the music.
Each interactive song has its own mood, a certain tempo and a selection of sounds, rhythms and effects. Through movement, they can be combined into unique and individual tracks.

How does NAGUAL DANCE work?

Using a 3D motion tracking camera, Nagual Dance captures the bodily movements of one or two dancers and translates every move into music in real time. The movement doesn’t only control effects, but allows each dancer to generate an individual song based on his dancing style and performance. Different virtual instruments are assigned to the arms and legs which can be played through movement.

Up for a little dance?

You can rent a "Ready-to-dance" system for your next event. Start March 10th.

Check out the NAGAUL DANCE website.