We have developed a totally unique method to convert data streams in real-time into tonal music!

Just like a jazz pianist uses scales and chords for the interpretation of an existing song, a computer can do the same using the appropriate software. Through the software engine developed by us, input data can be used as a tool to personalize pieces of music, in order to create individual interpretations of a piece of music in real time. Through this technology, music is vividly and intuitively controllable. This method can be used with all available kinds of sensor data, and since we are in constant contact with sensors, this technology has a great number of applications.
We are working on the first public alpha version of our music software for the production of Interactive Songs. Watch this space for more information soon.

The Interactive Song

An Interactive Song is an interactive piece of music that doesn’t consist of pre-recorded musical sequences, but of musical possibilities. The music decides the behavior of the used data source.

The process in which a snowflake develops may illustrate this:
Physical laws form an always-identical basis for crystallisation. But different environmental conditions create unique snowflakes.

The same applies to the Interactive Song technology:
The preferences of an Interactive Song offer the same musical possibilities. The behavior of the data-input then generates unique music

Music from movement

The first commercial product we are developing using this new technology is an entertainment software called “Nagual Dance”, which translates body movement captured by a 3D camera, into music – in real time!

Nagual Dance “assigns” specific sound elements or instruments to the arms and legs. The user can combine these sounds in endless variations, and what they create from this is totally up to them. This software offers the user the ability to create individual and unique music pieces just from their movement. 

Right now we are looking for strong partners who want to join us on that journey. If you are an business angel or investor and you want to get involved with Nagual Sounds, please get in touch.