The word "nagual" comes from the Toltecs, an ancient folk from Mexico.

It defies description, but can be interpreted as inexplicable, indescribable and magical – however it is still something you can experience. The Nagual manifests itself differently in every person. Therefore, it is sometimes described as a "power animal" or "another self in animal form."

It is a state beyond rationality.

Nagual Sounds

This idea of direct experience and lived creativity is precisely what we want to promote and convey through our technology and the entertainment software, "Nagual Dance".

This feels important to us at a time where more and more areas of life are normalised and rationalised. Each person moves differently and therefore also carries their own distinctive music in themselves. We have made it our mission to make this music audible in a “magical way”.

Through the journey, we received the respect from professionals and leaders of the industry, being awarded by Midemlab 2014, Design Prize Berlin-Brandenburg, Rethink Music, TechPitch 4.5, and Society 3 GoToStartups. In November 2014 the German Government entitled us as "Creative Pilots of Germany 2014".